Market Update

December 2022 Housing Newsletter

GREETINGS What a year! As we approach the final days of 2022, we at Salma & Company are looking back with immense gratitude. We are thankful for all the lessons learned, for our wonderful clients, and for the friends and family that we are fortunate… Read More >

October 2022 Housing Newsletter

OCTOBER MARKET RECAP: It's official: the San Francisco real estate market is in cool-down mode after a wild 2021 and 2020.  We at Salma & Company are seeing healthier trend lines overall, as the market moves toward a more equal footing for buyers and sellers. … Read More >

SF’s Downtown Condos Are Piling Up And Pricing Down As Housing Market Cools

Published: The San Francisco Standard Author: Kevin Truong  High-rise condos near San Francisco’s downtown—which account for the bulk of San Francisco’s newer housing stock—are piling up amid rising interest rates and a shift in the city’s housing market. The luxury condos are another casualty of San Francisco’s slow… Read More >

September 2022 Housing Newsletter

AUGUST 2022 RECAP: This summer has seen swings on two major housing metrics: affordability and new listings.  For San Francisco market-watchers and movers, it has been a busy season indeed. The fuller economic picture around rising inflation and interest rates has been the center of… Read More >

Buyers’ Market? Real Estate Sellers Slash Prices As SF Market Cools

After one of the longest and most dramatic upswings in recent history, San Francisco’s residential real estate market is starting to show signs of a correction—and a transition to a new balance of power. Driven in part by fears of an impending recession, stock market… Read More >

July 6, 2022 San Francisco Housing Newsletter

While many news headlines point to a slowing housing market, we can report that while, yes, San Francisco's real estate market is shifting, it remains a strong market. We have seen it time and again: if a property is well priced, updated to bring out… Read More >