Market Update

November 2023 Housing Newsletter

As we look toward the end of the autumn season, the real estate landscape is reflecting the broader world stage: a mix of global conflicts, fluctuating stock markets, and notably, the highest interest rate hike in more than two decades. This scenario paints a complex picture for both potential buyers, who might be reconsidering their plans, and sellers, who are weighing the benefits of holding onto their current loan terms.

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San Francisco Real Estate Market: Inventory Peaks as Price Reductions Surge

In a recent update from on October 26, 2023, the San Francisco real estate market is showing interesting trends. Contrary to some reports of "record low inventory levels," the market has hit its annual peak with a 6 percent reduction in available single-family homes… Read More >

Unlocking the Secret of Immortality? Explore the Enigma of #1570ChurchSt’s 27 Stairs 😂🏡

Who knew climbing a few stairs could lead to so many benefits? At #1570ChurchSt, it's not just about reaching the top; it's about the laugh-out-loud journey and the surprising perks waiting at every step! from booty gains to possibly unlocking the Blue Zones' longevity secrets,… Read More >

Blog headline: Explore SF’s Top Real Estate Listings from September 2023

Exploring San Francisco's Premier Real Estate Listings: Revealing the Essence of Exceptional Properties 🌉🏡 On our broker tour on September 12, 2023, we spotlighted the following standout homes in San Francisco:259 States St, San Francisco, CA Listed for $1,695,000 by Brandea Bunnag - Willowmar Real Estate… Read More >

September 2023 Housing Newsletter

Photo Credit: Torehan Sharman SAN FRANCISCO HOUSING PULSE Did you catch the latest news on San Francisco's housing scene? The City's market is flexing its muscles in surprising ways, despite some shifts in overall sales patterns. Wondering why you're seeing fewer 'For Sale' signs up… Read More >

San Francisco Real Estate: What’s Trending Now?   San Francisco's real estate scene is buzzing with changes! From the new game-changing IKEA store at 945 Market St energizing the local economy to significant shifts in home inventory and asking prices, there's a lot unfolding. While we're seeing some exciting retail revitalizations,… Read More >