Residential Leasing Services

Evaluate property to determine accurate market rate rent:

  • Perform detailed in-person tour and photo documentation of the interior and exterior.
  • Offer recommendations for repairs and cosmetic improvements that maximize monthly rent while providing a good ROI.
  • Conduct a market rent survey to determine asking rent. Our rental survey will include information about similar available units (e.g., 1 bedroom/1 bathroom units) in the same neighborhood (e.g., Pacific Heights) as the subject property. Comparable properties might differ on exact amenities offered but the differences will be noted and reflected in asking rent recommendations.
  • Discuss/explain the pros and cons of different policies such as accepting pets, roommate replacement, etc.

Marketing the property for rent:

  • Create property specific ads tailored for online real estate platforms (,,,, etc.) including a video tour. Every available lease listing will also be featured in print on our office storefront display, where hundreds of people walk by on a weekly basis.
  • 99.9% of all prospective tenants find information about units for lease via online real estate platforms.
  • Field calls from prospective tenants, answer questions, set up showings. We begin the process of assessing prospective tenants as good fits for the unit/landlord from the minute they call to inquire about the unit/showings. We also keenly observe prospective tenants during showings and all contact purposes about the unit.
  • Meet prospective tenants for showings throughout the week and weekend (designated and advertised open houses after work and on weekends; also conduct private tours by appointment).
  • Provide prospective tenants with rental applications that are legally compliant with fair housing laws.

Tenant Screening and Selection:

  • Perform a background check to verify identity, income, credit history, and rental history.
  • Contact all professional references as well as past landlords to verify employment and past rental history (did they pay rent on time, were there any security deposit deductions, would they rent to tenant again, etc.).
  • Present landlords with processed applications and related materials/information. Landlords chooses which tenant(s) to offer lease to.
  • Inform tenants who were turned down by landlord.
  • Contact tenant(s) who landlord accepted to coordinate next steps, confirm move in date, etc.

Lease Signing and Tenant Move In:

  • Draft lease, house rules, and all other related and required documents.
  • Coordinate and conduct a lease-signing appointment with tenant. We walk through the lease and related documents in fine detail with the tenant. We explain tenant’s contractual obligations, what is expected of them during their tenancy and ensure that they are 100% clear on all lease and related document items.
  • Landlord signs after tenant executes lease document (either in person or via electronic signature).
  • Ensure all agreements have been properly executed.
  • Set up move-in inspection appointment with tenant on day of move-in. Perform detailed move in inspection with tenant(s) and have tenant(s) sign off on move-in inspection report + accompanying photos verifying the condition of the property prior to move-in. This report demonstrates the status of the rental unit’s condition at time of move-in. The move-in inspection report is then used as a baseline when tenant moves out so that landlord can conduct an informed move-out inspection and determine security deposit return.
  • Collect initial payments (security deposit and monthly or pro-rated rent), and deliver to landlord.

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