Rapattoni MLS Services Bounce Back Strong After Damaging Cyber Attack

Rapattoni, a leading multiple listings service (MLS) software provider, is rebounding after a devastating cyber-attack on August 9th that disrupted agents nationwide, including a significant impact on San Francisco’s market. The MLS is not just an invaluable tool for setting prices and closing deals; it’s also a central repository of data that agents rely on to track market conditions, determine property values, and stay updated on market trends. In San Francisco, the attack made it especially difficult for agents to get new listings on the market and created headaches for appraisers trying to find comparable properties for valuations.

In recent years, the art of adaptability has become increasingly paramount, a lesson keenly assimilated by our real estate community in San Francisco. Faced with a local MLS outage, we not only transitioned to alternative Bay Area MLS systems to sustain listing exposure, but also leveraged our tightly-knit community networks to disseminate information about imminent listings and finalized transactions.

As of August 23rd, Rapattoni has restored MLS services, though some photos and data elements remain conspicuously absent.

Disclaimer: This blog post is a summary of an article originally published in the San Francisco Business Times. The full citation can be found at the end of this post.

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